Help Track Me!

Welcome to "Help Track Me!"  This page is dedicated to tracking my work.  Pictured below are totems that I have made and have given to strangers.  I design and make them with a total stranger in mind. And I wear them until I meet that total stranger. When he or she ask me about the item around my neck, I explain what it is and pass it to them.  I also tell them that they are to pass it forward to the next person who ask them about it.  Since starting this practice about a year ago, I have given away many as I travel around the country or while working in the Cleveland Hopkins Airport. I have no idea where these totems are, or if they have been passed on.

If you have any of the totems pictured below, please contact me at this email address:  and tell me how you received the totem. That Information will be added below the photo. Please use first name only

"Lenten 1" Created March 9, 2011. Passed forward on March 13, 2011. Currently located with Mike in Tampa, Florida.

Lenten 3 (#031712)   Created March 9, 2011. Passed forward March 14, 2011 Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to Sherri. Passed forward to Joe (Cleveland) March 29, 2011.

Lenten 2 Created Fall of 2010. Passed forward March 29, 2011 to Pamela of New Orleans 

   "Strength" Passed forward 3/30/11 

,      Created 5/1/11. Passed forward to Jermaine 5/1/11. Left the CLE that same day with a young lady

  May 9, 2011, Cleveland Hopkins Airport. As of 5/17 it was passed to  Robin in San Diego, CA

                  May 8th Los Angelos, CA, Hostess in the Marriot LAX

  May 5, 2011 to Frank  Cleveland Hopkins Airport. 

Passed forward 5/9/11 to Joy  in Las Vegas.

   "Inner Strength", passed forward Monday May 23,

"The Light Within 1".  Made 7/14/2011. Released same day.

"The Light within 2 " Made 7/15/2011.  Given to the Owner of Rustico Gift Shop, Christiansted, St. Croix 10/20/2011

 "Destiny"   Made 7/16/11 Passed forward to Rev. Ron Koopmans  

Reform Church, KingsHill, St. Croix UVSI October 2, 2011

Serenity Prayer, created 7/15/11

"Creation of Man"  Created 7/18/2011       

"Teeth & Tongue" created 7/27/11 given to Kristi same day.           Given to my Barber in     St. Croix, USVI 10/17/2011

"Kwanzaa 2011" Passed to a traveller named Andrea 12/26/2011