Welcome to J Albert Woodcrafting, a partner business with J Albert Engraving (www.jalbertengraving.net).  I hope that you are here because you were gifted with one of my totems. We met and you inquired about the item I was wearing. I explained it to you and gave it to you.  Your totem was designed with you in mind and I wore it until we met. And you will wear it until you meet the next person it was met for. Please continue the journey of my work, and maybe one day it will come home. Please go the Help Track Me! page and update the status of the totem.

JAWC is a woodturning service specializing in mini bowls, cups and gift items. Please continue to explore this site.  If JACW can provide a service please contact us at: JAlbertWoodcraft@ameritech.net, or by phone at: 216-334-5731.

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